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They said, "Just hang a shingle and they will come."  At least that is what most of us were taught in school.  

Are you breaking your back seeing 200-300-400 per week? Are you married to your practice and not enjoying the life you deserve?  Are you a prisoner to insurance reimbursement?

What if I told you, you could fire your patients and triple or quadruple your revenue?  Sounds crazy, but that is what we do.  We help practitioners like you get off the insurance hamster wheel, build a practice by your design and make the revenue you desire and more importantly, that you deserve. 

We teach, train and implement the exact same procedures that are currently utilized in our practice.

Why Specialize

Imagine having the market share as the "disc practitioner" or the "neuropathy doc" in your area. You are not relying on insurance reimbursement. Your practice gets paid up front in full prior to services rendered.  You have a system to get your patients better through elite technology that most chiropractors, medical doctors or physical therapist do not have.  Your case fee is 4k-6k, per patient.  Imagine for a second, enrolling 3-4 new patients per week, every week.  That is 16k-24k per week.  What would that revenue do for you? How would your life change?

Imagine working the hours and days per week you desire or dream about?  Imagine more time for family and hobbies?

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